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Our Conceal Carry Holster is the most comfortable, concealable, accessible, all day, light weight Concealed Holster that is worn with your, current size, ordinary clothing.

The “Strut” holster design was created from Each of the Most Popular holster styles sold today; Inside the Waistband, IWB, Outside the Waistband, OWB, Belly Band and Shoulder Holsters.

Inside the Waistband, IWB, holsters conceal well in the appendix position, but, are uncomfortable when sitting for long periods and often require larger size trousers.

The Outside the Waistband, OWB, holster is comfortable, however, prints when bending over and twisting, plus, requires special concealment clothing.

The Belly Band style holsters conceal well, but, cause discomfort from the wide, high-tension band required for holding a gun in place. When loosening the wide band for comfort; the unit becomes unstable and may dump your gun when bending over.

The Shoulder holster is easily accessible when standing or sitting, but, shoulder straps are uncomfortable and difficult to hide without special clothing.

Our patented “one of a kind” design Strut holster offers the Best Features from each of the above styles:

  •  Weight transferred to belt through IWB holster Strut.  No shoulder strap required.
  •  Wear holster toward front of waist, directly under arm or rearward for comfort and access
  •  Continue wearing your choice of normal clothing without special cover or larger trousers.
  •  Sit, stand, drive or jog and always have access to your firearm
  •  Narrow width Strut Holster Band traps less body heat with 2 to 4 times less band contact area compared to other     designs.
  •  The Patented STEALTH DEFENSE Holster IWB STRUT is held in place by your belt preventing holster movement    while drawing firearm.
  •  Comfort is maintained without “dumping” gun from the Holster while bending over.
  •  Stealth Defense Holsters hold the firearm securely and comfortably against your body to maximize concealment.
  •  Your gun is held in place with no need for a “thumb strap”.
  •  Optional magazine pouch available. Multiple pouches can be attached anywhere along band for easy access.
  •  Stealth Defense Holsters made from 5 to 6 oz. high quality finished leather.
  •  Greater CCW access over other Cross Draw IWB holsters while in the sitting position.

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Best Concealed Carry Holster

Concealed Carry Holsters from Stealth Defense Holsters, the only Concealed Holster to incorporate a patented IWB holster "Strut" design. 

This unique feature loads the weight of the firearm onto the belt without belt loops, clips or added bulk inside the waistband. 

No longer do you have to wear pants with extra room in the waist to fit your handgun.  Having the weight on your belt results in stability and maximum comfort wearing your pistol or revolver.

It's similar to a Concealed IWB holster except more comfortable being above your belt. It's all in the Strut!

​Here's why we believe the Stealth Defense Stut Holster in the best concealed holster on the market.
Gun Holster Comparison Chart

Concealed Carry Holster Access

​The Stealth Defense Concealed Carry Holster is worn above the belt to keep your handgun within reach at all times. 

The IWB Holster Strut and strap combination allow the holster to be worn in the Cross Draw position under your arm or toward the front.

It also allows our Concealed Carry Holster to be worn with almost any ordinary clothing for the best balance of comfort, access and concealment compared to regular IWB holsters.

Here's how Wikipedia describes our patented Concealed Carry Stealth Defense Strut Holster

One handed quick draws are capable as shown in the above videos, however, the holster opening closes somewhat after handgun removal.  Do not force your handgun back in place to avoid stroking the slide with any holster you may choose. Use your free hand to help with careful reinsertion.
Walk with a Strut 

With our patented Strut technology our Concealed Carry Holsters will enable you to access your concealed handgun, with confidence, from almost any position whether standing or sitting. 

This will avoid access problems when sitting and driving while still having best concealibility with your current clothing. 

Our patented Concealed Holster design even negates the need for a thumb strap while still securely holding your weapon ready. 

Multiple magazine pouches can be worn on the strap for backup mags if desired.

 It is the best concealed carry holster available on the market today and is a step above any regular Cross Draw Concealed IWB holster.
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