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After acquiring my CCW license I began purchasing different types of Concealed Holster varieties that would fit within my lifestyle. I wanted something that is completely undetectable and comfortable enough to wear all day. The “Hip” holster required an outer garment, which was ok in cooler weather, but wearing a vest type garment during summer months was uncomfortable and a dead giveaway that I was carrying a concealed handgun. Some hip holsters can be concealed by shirt cover but they get uncomfortable during long wear periods and are difficult to access from a sitting position. The concealed IWB holster was uncomfortable and somewhat difficult to access in the sitting position.

Wearing a “Shoulder Holster” also presented difficulties with clothing choice and comfort. I sometimes use my “Pocket Holster” for a short trip to the store, because it’s quick to grab and place in my pocket however it’s not comfortable for sitting. Later I discovered the Cross Draw “Waist Band” or “Belly Band” Holster and tried two different designs one of which has a shoulder strap. They both provide good concealment but can be uncomfortable when worn all day due to the tension required to keep them in place, plus the large area of contact that is not desirable in warm weather.

The result of the above experiences inspired me to develop the patented STEALTH DEFENSE HOLSTER. It is definitely the best CCW option for a IWB Cross Draw Holster, providing excellent concealment, maximum comfort and a wide range of dress options for all occasions.


If you sense an impending danger while wearing the STEALTH DEFENSE HOLSTER; open your coat or unbutton one shirt button or reach under your sweater or shirt, depending on how you are dressed for ccw carry, and place your hand on your weapon ready to draw.

It’s most helpful to practice this technique often so that it becomes automatic in an emergency situation.

I have done this while walking to my car at shopping malls or in lonely areas however one’s first plan should always be to escape or avoid a dangerous environment. The assailant almost always has the advantage of surprise, which puts you at a disadvantage regardless of how fast you can access your concealed weapon.
Being alert and avoiding a confrontation is always your best concealed carry tactical advantage.

I couldn’t wait to get my first Daisy BB gun, at age 9, for Christmas. My dad was an avid rabbit and quail hunter and I knew, if I handled my weapon responsibly, in a year or so I would be able to use one of his shot guns. That wonderful experience will always be in my memory. As I grew older, high crime statistics prompted me to apply for a CCW carry license, however, for some reason or another I would always put it off.

That all changed some years ago while traveling. My wife and I made an overnight stop in Wilmington N.C. to visit with some old friends. After an enjoyable evening of dining and conversation, we returned to our motel about midnight and immediately went to bed with the intention of an early morning departure.

At 3 AM we both received the shock of our lives. Both of us immediately sat up in bed, with eyes bulging wide open, glaring at each other as someone was pounding against our motel room door. What do we do if the lock does not hold and they come barging in? (It’s difficult to think clearly under these circumstances) I had my cell phone next to me at the bed however would a “911” call do any good? The next thought was to call the motel office. The intruders must have heard my loud (quivering) voice on the phone and left the scene. The motel night clerk passed outside of our room (about 5 minutes later!!!) and called back to report he saw no one.
Needless to say, after this experience, we were wide-awake, full of adrenalin, and ready to leave. I peeked outside from behind the window curtains, about 3:30 AM and the environment was dark and quiet. My next concern was; how secure is it for me to unlock the motel door and load luggage into the car? After several minutes of looking outside the room with our lights turned off, I could see no activity and decided we could safely make our getaway. I quickly loaded our luggage in the trunk while my wife nervously held the phone and watched. Finally, we were in our car safely and on our way home. This experience prompted me to immediately apply for my CCW Concealed Carry license. I also decided that I would carry concealed at all times when and where the law allows.


Stealth Defense Holsters is a Limited Liability Company created in August, 2010; specifically for the promotion of its patented IWB strut design Concealed Holster.

The owner of this company was formerly involved in the development of products and tooling for the automotive industry. Experience in product manufacturing and engineering plus an interest in gun sports led to the development of the above product and company. Product manufacturing includes two well established leather goods companies that produce Stealth Defense Holsters to high quality design specifications.

The IWB, cross draw, Stealth Defense Holster is currently available at this website.


The Patented Stealth Defense Strut Holster is specially developed for all day concealed carry use, providing maximum comfort, accessibility and concealment dress options within your current wardrobe.

Our Concealed holster allows the firearm to be carried, cross draw, inside the shirt and above the belt, IWB style, which provides comfort and accessibility whether sitting or standing. It also transfers the weight of the firearm to the belt which eliminates the need for a tight fitting band around the waist. In addition; there is no need to purchase additional clothing for “shoulder style” concealment or larger trousers for IWB holsters.

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