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Q: How does the Stealth Defense Strut Holster compare with other Concealed Holsters with respect to comfort, concealment, access and dress options?
A: The Stealth Defense Strut Holster has great comfort, excellent concealibility and easy access from all positions. It is a light weight concealed carry holster that can be worn with your current wardrobe eliminating the need for larger pants, concealment vests or other specialized clothing. Strut Defense Holster Comparison Chart

Q: I have looked at several Concealed Carry Holsters while trying to decide on one to buy. There are lots of holsters at a lower price than the Stealth Defense unit. Why is that?
A: Our Handgun Holster is a “one of a kind” product requiring special designs, prototype development, injection mold tooling and patent development costs in addition to regular manufacturing and marketing expenses. With these costs, we are able to position ourselves in the mid-price range.

Price is an important factor when choosing a concealed carry holster however, to be fully satisfied, one must also choose for best comfort, concealment, access and dress requirements. Our concealed gun Holster delivers these features.

Q: What is a "Strut" and how is it a unique advantage for Concealed Holsters?
A: The Strut technology is completely unique in the holster world. It is only available with a Stealth Defense Strut Holster. The Strut transfers the weight of the firearm to the belt for support and comfort. It does this by being worn on the inside of the waistband (IWB). Pressure from your belt against the Strut will hold your holster in place. No special belt loops or clips are necessary. The Strut makes Stealth Defense a very stable and comfortable Concealed Holster.

Q. Can a person with a large belly wear the Stealth Defense Holster?
A. People can wear this as long as they are within the 30 to 50 inch size range mentioned in the video presentation on the Home page. Maximum Comfort and Concealment will be achieved by positioning the Holster under your arm rather than forward. This holster, or any other IWB style concealed holster, is not recommended for people with excessive belt overhang.

Q. Does the Stealth Defense Holster require a "break in" period?
A. No; the Holster is made from high quality leather which is lightweight, smooth and flexible so that it instantly conforms to your body shape. It is recommended that you try different adjustments and positions about your waist line to determine what works best for you.

Q. I sweat easily while wearing any concealed gun holsters. What can I do to improve my comfort?
A. This is a common problem with All Concealed Holster designs especially during summer weather. Wearing your holster over a t-shirt will “wick” away moisture by capillary action and improve comfort. I find the "tank top" style "sleeveless undershirts" most comfortable. They are form fitting, light weight and unseen.

Q. Do you have any tips for maximum concealed carry comfort while wearing my Stealth Defense Holster?
A. Some people report greater comfort from perspiration by wearing their holster over a t-shirt ,or sleeveless undershirt, as noted above. Others have commented; tucking a handkerchief or small washcloth behind their holster works extremely well.

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