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Two weeks after I got my Stealth Defense Holster, I contacted you about sending it back. That was two months ago. Instead of returning it, I decided to work with it some more and I very glad I did. Like many others have said, “No one knows I have it on." It is easy to put on and off and it is comfortable. Today I wore my Stealth Defense Holster for the first time while riding my motorcycle. Wow! It worked out great! I couldn't ask for a better holster to wear while riding. The comfort was excellent. Thanks for a great holster.

Received my Stealth Defense holster last week. I have worn it regularly since then. I always wear a regular button up shirt tucked into my trousers. To say I am impressed with the design and functionality would be an understatement. It is absolutely fantastic. For the last two days, being a somewhat rainy time, I have been at home catching up on reloading etc. I have worn the holster with my Springfield XDs all day for two days. Here is the amazing part of the story. My wife was with me all of that time. She never knew I was carrying. We went to lunch, I helped her with some things around the house, wore it that evening while I was watching TV in my recliner, went to the store, etc. Not only did no one else know that I was carrying, I almost forgot that I had the rig on myself.

This holster is well worth the cost and I will certainly recommend it to others. Here are a few important points to help the new user get started with this unusual design.

1. Do not let the first look at the holster form your opinion. It is not something that you will look at and say, "This a beautiful holster." In this case, looks are very deceiving.
2. Don't allow yourself to get frustrated the first time you try to put it on. It takes a little practice but once you understand how it works.
It is really quite simple. 3. The strut should be located just in front of the left hip bone, under your shirt and your belt. The strut does not hook directly under the belt but does so through the material of your shirt.
4. As always, practice, practice, practice and of course practice with an unloaded firearm. Also Al, many thanks for the great customer service and for taking the time to answer my entire question.
- Ed
(Ed is a NRA certified Firearms Instructor)

From Andy:
I just wanted you to know that I have only one other holster that I carry my Roc Island mm in and I just bought a Beretta Nano 9mm and use my Stealth Defense Holster with it…the best and most comfortable holster; I would strongly recommend this little baby to anyone. Thank you I love it and can where it all day and forget I even have it on when I get home.

Wayne comments:
Well, I've had your (my) concealed carry holster for around 3-4 weeks now. I agree with your web site that it is the best compromise out there. I really like it. Like you say, if one must carry a .454 Casull, this isn't the one for you but for smaller firearms, this is my fave. There is no, one does all concealed carry holster or anything else. I recommend this one to the max as I hardly know it is on and it doesn't move around and hit on things like an OWB carry. Thx again.ell, I've had your (my) concealed carry holster for around 3-4 weeks now. I agree with your web site that it is the best compromise out there. I really like it. Like you say, if one must carry a .454 Casull, this isn't the one for you but for smaller firearms, this is my fave. There is no, one does all concealed carry holster or anything else. I recommend this one to the max as I hardly know it is on and it doesn't move around and hit on things like an OWB carry. Thx again.

Thank you for the weekly articles with quality tips and timely reminders. By the way; I own several holsters, and my Stealth Defense Holster is my holster of choice. The only times I don't use it are some days when I know that I am going places where I can't carry, and I need to be able to quickly and discreetly disarm and arm. For all day comfort though, your holster can't be beat!

I received my concealed carry holster in a prompt time frame. From the first day I put this on it fits like a glove. I carry a Walther PPS .40 and it fits perfectly with a much faster draw response time than my ISW holster. I've told everyone I know about it and how well it fits. I don't know how you can top it.

Jay writes:
...I love the comfort of this holster and can’t wait to recommend it to other federal agents...

John wrote:
Hi, Thanks for the prompt processing of my order last week. A brilliant concept!... But, hey, your price is great. Your workmanship is impeccable. And it is infinitely more comfortable than a belly band holster. I hope you get rich before the copycats get you!

From Roy;
I love the new ccw carry holster and mag pouch. I would love to sell these at my classes.

Ray noted:
I like your IWB style holster but wish it was 1 1/2 inch taller for bigger guns. 9mm, 357. I am long-waisted and at 6'4", 245 I can hide the bigger gun. I am making due with the holster as is now. Yes I have other Concealable Holsters and find yours VERY CONCEALABLE.

Brad wrote:
I was looking for ccw holsters on YouTube when I noticed the Stealth Defense Holster. For a long time I have been looking for a concealed Holster that will permit me to carry at my workplace without printing, and also being easily accessible… You have one of the most ingenious products I have ever come to witness

Mark wrote:
Hey Al.
I purchased a strut holster several months ago. I love it…Overall, I love the design and the placement of my gun as I'm carrying it.

Abe wrote:

I got your Stealth Defense holster for concealment and it is just what I have been looking for, thank you...Abe

Dear Sir,
You may use me as a reference anytime you wish. You may also use my following testimonial. I have been wearing my new Stealth Strut holster or two days now. I love it. It is comfortable and easy to adjust, not like any of the holsters I have collected and have thrown into a box.

In the past, my typical day was: find out the temperature outside, choose the clothing for the temperature, decide what clothing I was going to wear, decide which gun to carry concealed (depending if I was wearing heavy or light clothing), then decide where I was going to conceal my gun, and then root through my box of holsters to find a holster that was fairly comfortable to accommodate everything involved. Way too complicated and time consuming.

Not so anymore. As long as am wearing a shirt, I just strap on the Stealth Strut Holster. I can wear my Glock 23, my Sig Sauer P938 or my micro compact P25. One holster for all of my pistols and for all my clothing for all seasons. To say I am satisfied would be the understatement of the year. No more IWB's jabbing into my hipbone or belly. No more belly bands suffocating me. No more worrying if my weapon shows while carrying it beltslide.
I love it.

Dan writes:
Hello, I received your holster yesterday and have been wearing it both days. I have to tell you I was reluctant in ordering another concealed holster because over the years and having tried every concealable holster available I have spent hundreds of dollars and wasn’t happy with any of the purchases. I have tried IWB, shoulder holsters, smart carry, belly bands, ankle holsters, you name it, none were perfect and they all had their very negative negatives. I am a retired Police Officer and have been carrying for 30 years, so I know what I speak.

I am wearing the holster with a G-33 now and have on a slightly light fitting tank top. The gun is not only comfortable to wear but there is absolutely NO print whatsoever. I wear it on the left side just below the ribcage in that little "pocket" area. Drawing the weapon is fast and whether I am sitting or standing it is very comfortable. I knew that if I looked long enough I would eventually find the best totally concealable holster.

You are the first holster company I have ever written so I do not write this to patronize you, what I say is the truth and I have to tell you the construction of the holster is genius.

From Ted:
I have been using your concealed holster for over a month now and absolutely love it. It disappears under my work dress shirt that I wear with or without a tie. I have even given seminars without a jacket and no one is the wiser. My Kahr CM9 is a perfect fit and it is accessible standing or sitting. It is what every holster should be. You hit a bullseye with this one Al.

Benjamin wrote:
Al - actually the 1911 fits very nicely. At 6' 1" I have enough height that makes concealment perfect. Plus, the extra inch and three-quarters barrel length exposes more grip which gives me plenty of grasp for quick access. I know you do not recommend the Stealth for such a large weapon, but you might want to reconsider recommending it for .45's used by taller folks. Thanks for your quick service.

From Gwyn;
Just wanted to let you know I just received the concealed carry Stealth Holster about 4 hrs ago and absolutely could not be happier! I just got my Kimber Solo CDP after a 7 month wait and it fits perfectly and it does not show through any clothing that I use…no excuse for not carrying the 9MM most of the time. Oh yes, great shipping time…customer satisfaction is of most importance! Good Job.

I love the Stealth Defense Strut Holster. It is the finest Concealed Carry Holster that I have ever had and I have had a lot of them. It carries great and is very comfortable. I have worn it under an untucked shirt and a tucked in shirt with no trouble concealing the Glock 27. It is now cooling off in the area and now wearing sweat shirts and sweaters and again no trouble concealing the Glock. I have even worn it around people who also carry Concealed and none ever noticed it. Al as far as I am concerned, you have a great product and I have recommended it to some of my friends.

This is a reorder - best Concealed Carry Holster on the mkt . for a small handgun. Thanks for the assistance in processing my order a few months back....would recommend to anyone. Good old American ingenuity and quality is alive.

From Clint:
I always like the concept of the cross draw, belly band holster. It wears tight to the the body and is a great way to 'deeply conceal' a firearms. Belly bands downfall is that they are very uncomfortable in warm weather because the medical grade elastic band causes profuse buildup of sweat. The Stealth Defense Holster is the same concept as the belly band and has improved on many of the original downfalls. it is way more comfortable to wear and the hard plastic Strut prevents the holster from slipping down because of the weight.

Mick wrote:
Just bought a Stealth Defense Holster and already can tell I will love it.

Gene wrote:
Hi Al,
I have purchased and am happy with the Holster.

John wrote:
"like the Stealth Defense Holster; allergic to the elastic so have to wear an undershirt!"

Justin wrote:
That is great of you, and I definitely believe greatly in your holster for ccw, so I will keep pushing it to others and hopefully send you some more business. Have a great day, and thank you again for everything!

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